Ray Klonsky 

Ray Klonsky began his career as an owner of Saintwoods, an event production and promotion company in Montreal and Toronto,Canada. Upon graduating from the communications program at Concordia University in 2008, Ray began to pursue his passion for telling stories through moving pictures by teaming up with (then friend, now directing/writing partner) Marc Lamy to develop the documentary David & MeIn 2011 Ray moved to New York City to join No Regrets Entertainment where he continues to hone his skills. Independently, Ray has directed and produced video content for various brands including Mountain Dew, TJ Maxx, and Samsung as well as a short doc series with Marc Lamy called Street Stories. Marc and Ray's first feature documentary, titled David & Me, airs on TVO in June, 2014. 

Marc Lamy

Since graduating from Concordia University in 2007, Marc Lamy has been working as a Director of Photography and Director on numerous Canadian productions - from documentary television series to music videos and web-based work. In 2008, he began developing the POV documentary, currently titled David & Me with writing/directing partner, Ray Klonsky. With Markham Street Films producing, David & Me is slated to premier in 2014.